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BlockParty Trading is a group of BlockChain Trading Analysts that use Telegram to offer access to high quality Cryptocurrency trading signals provided by a combination of the bespoke BlockParty Automated Algorithm (watching every coin in the market 24/7), professional trade analysis & focused news fundamentals to ensure the the best possible trade entry points. Not only that these trades include the risk, length, target profit points and the all important safety-net of a stop-loss! The trades we publish are the exact same trades that we make so we can always log and track our trades together. 

We are purely a trade information service,  we do not handle your capital or provide financial advice.


A huge library of content for a very low price. Operating with 3 Pro-Traders we are one of the few channels able to operate 24/7.

All results and wins can be found posted Daily in the Free Telegram channel https://t.me/blockpartytrading here.

We do not offer free trials - we have constant long term trades running in the channel and that offer a lot of value and long term returns that can be taken advantage of that we cannot afford to offer out. Examples of our trades and results are all posted on Free to follow

We do not offer any discounts


Please find out all payment details below and included content:


✅  Up to 20 Short Term Premium Trades Per Day with full chart analysis

✅ Up to 10 HODL's Per Month

✅ Automated Market Scanner - Identifying potential trade opportunities across all BTC, USDT & FUTURES pairings 24/7

✅ Trading Floor Pro-Trader Chat Room - Bonus Scalp, HODL and Portfolio advice with Live Support

✅ BlockParty NewsFeed Channel - Custom News Channel filtering only market relevant news articles
✅ Spot & Futures

✅ Daily Bitcoin Analysis

✅ Daily High-Cap ALT Analysis  

✅ Custom Pro Indicators Included with Premium Membership

✅ Premium Members Chat Forum

✅ 24/7 Professional Trading Support  

✅ 75%+ Win Rate across Premium Channel & HODL's

✅ Low Monthly Fee

✅ Portfolio Management Analysis

✅ BotParty Trading Bot - Up to 200% Return APY

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- 3c.Exchange - https://3c.exchange/marketplace/151 


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All fees are converted into market value of Bitcoin using Coinbase Commerce or Wallet Transfer.
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Please take the time to read, this section whether you are trading with BlockParty Trading or planning to carve your on path in the trading world

We pride ourselves on a positive win rate and overall profit, although we pride ourselves more on ensuring both as safe and responsible trading practises as possible. Which means we are NOT;

A "Pump & Dump" Group

We only advise the above to those who are heavily experienced traders, believe in Unicorns or enjoy losing money.

Please remember professional traders spend thousands of dollars on losing, learning and education not to mention the years of experience to ensure consistent profits - they do this by following strict rules and strategy, so when you hear stories of millions of people losing money trading, that is true because they come into the market gung-ho thinking they are the next Wolf of Wall Street - and fail.

It is more important to us to avoid that -  we prefer the less glamorous smaller frequent profits over the occasional moonshots, well its worked for us so far!

There are 3 BlockParty Trading Golden Rules we expect all members to abide by to reduce risk and protect your investment at all times:


Only invest what you can afford to lose

Never trade with your livelihood - this means rent, bills, credit, pension etc. are off the table. 

Greed and impatience is the biggest risk within trading - so manage them with trading within your means and following reliable strategy and information.

If trading takes a toll emotional, physically or financially in any capacity then stop.


Only ever use 5% Max. of your entire capital per trade

Not only helping you with your personal P&L's at the end of each period, more importantly it safe guard's you against a heavy loss, no matter how safe a trade may seem - there is always a risk. 

The wins will outweigh the losses although this will not work if entry amounts are varied - you may be winning lots on small investments and lose once on a big investment - which instantly wipes out the profits on all of those smaller wins - back to square one


Limit your losses, always

This is your trading safety-net, it will catch your investment when it falls, it ruins the show but at least you can walk away - there will always be a lot of red without one.

If trading with 5% of your capital and a 5% Stop-Loss then you can only ever lose 0.25% of your total capital - but stand to make 0.5%-2%+ based on the trade. 

Using the 5% Rule & Stop-Loss based on $1000 capital - losing every single trade in a month (3  trades a day) - you will lose $200...after losing 93 trades on the bounce then trading may not be for you but at least 80% of your capital is still safe. 



We created BlockParty, because money is fun. 

Trading simply and safely is satisfying and being in control of your finances is being in control of your future. 

Join us on our journey to financial freedom.

Christian & Nick.



Your investments are your responsibility

We do not accept any liability for any loss or damage which is incurred from you acting or not acting as a result of reading any of our publications. You acknowledge that you use the information we provide at your own risk. BlockParty Trading does not offer investment advice and nothing in the calls we make should be construed as investment advice. BlockParty Trading provides information and education based on our own trades. You are paying to follow our trades that we document for educational purposes.

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