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BlockParty Trading specialises in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology trading. We offer trade analysis across hundreds of currencies and share detailed trade set-ups with our members with a market leading success rate. We currently supply our analysis and set ups to over 14,000 traders internationally.

We manage the BPT Investment fund, an algorithmic crypto trading fund which returns on average 30% per annum, and provide subscription based algorithmic trading bots (via 3commas) which outperform all other trading systems currently available.

Our subscription based trading bots, for a small monthly fee, give individual traders access to a level of performance usually reserved for the world’s highest performing hedge funds and wealth managers.

Automated Trading

Fully automated trading allows you to profit from the emerging cryptocurrency trading market without spending days and hours trading and following the markets. Subscribing to our automated trading bot can help you realise the dream of consistent passive income.

Automated trading allows hundreds of trades to be placed simultaneously ensuring a constant flow of profit. Our proprietary algorithm profits in both bull and bear markets, uptrends and downtrends, and trades 24/7.

The efficiency of this method lies in its full automation, you just need to allocate funds for the system to trade with. 

Our in house team of quant traders constantly monitor the market and adjust the trading system to ensure you receive optimal performance.

Advantages of automated trading;

  • Safe, consistent profits regardless of market conditions.

  • Time, you capture profit 24/7 without investing any time, no analysis, research or set-ups required.

  • Set & forget, updated & managed by experts so you never miss an opportunity.

  • No hidden fees & No capping of returns.

  • No holding period/ No capital lock in, trade with and withdraw your funds as you see fit.

  • Protected by 3c provides advanced methods for trading security, deposit and withdrawal of funds and account protection.


***$10 OFFER UNTIL 1ST MARCH 2021***

*EU citizens subject to VAT (which is USD price~20%) 
*Crypto payments subject to Coinpayments Fee's & Transaction Fee's



Quick Start Guide

  1. Buy Crypto 

Create account with 3c.Exchange or link Binance to 3.Commas trading platform
3c.Exchange -
3Commas -


3. Subscribe to BPT BotParty on Marketplace

3c.Exchange -
3Commas -


4. Set up the BPT BotParty with the Recommended Settings

5. Assign the correct number of “Max Active Deals” to the allocated automated trading capital 

(1 Deal = $504 per allocation)


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BlockParrty Trading Automated Trading Set-Up - Part 2


BlockParrty Trading Automated Trading - Strategy & Tips For Maximising Profit