Monthly Gem - a free ride for all

#1) Polkadot (DOT) USDT Entry Zone - $3.716 - $4.55 BTC Entry Zone - 32297 - 39383 This is the leading competitor to Ethereum, with all the DeFi craziness going on Ethereum will simple not be able to handle it all on their own and other providers will flourish. This really isn't an IF it is a WHEN. Try to capture the dip - you can look to buy a small amount where it is now it case it flies although capturing it on the dip will be safest. 100% plus off this coin will not be surprising. Please don't message for Take Profits or Stop-losses at this stage e do not suggest Stop-Losses or Take Profits as investments work differently - when it comes to us entering then we will be able to provide a better picture.

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